Among The Stones

About Among The Stones

Among the Stones follows a brave, young adventurer as she explores a mysterious island with the aid of its friendly stone inhabitants. This 3D platformer allows the player to carve their own path with its creative stone building mechanics, solving puzzles and uncovering secrets on the way.

The game features friendly characters and peaceful environments with fun platforming and logic challenges. Creating a captivating vibrant world to be enjoyed by young player adventurers.

Developed by Bluedoor Games, a team of 3rd year students at Abertay University, their prototype of the game saw a welcoming reception at Dare to be Digital. The project won a nomination to receive BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) Ones To Watch award, and is currently in further development.

Lya is a young traveller washed up on a mysterious island of moriwa. The players will need to help her explore the island and solve its challenges in order to learn the mysteries and powers of the living stone inhabitants of the land. The stones are peaceful creatures and are very curious of Lya. Aiding in her adventure, they will help her overcome obstacles and teach her how to use the powers of nature.

Dare To Be Digital

Dare To Be Digital is an internationally renowned game design competition for students and recent graduates of computer science and art courses. With game project prototypes in development below 12 months, young teams compete to produce best working prototypes of their game ideas and strive to demonstrate the best capabilities in design, innovation and teamwork.

Bluedoor Games team has qualified to the finals along 16 other teams from around the world. Submitting their game ‘Among The Stones’ into the competition as an early proof of concept prototype in April and being successfully selected, motivated the team to make great improvemenets over the next few months. During public Protoplay event, the game was fantastically accepted by the young audience enjoying the event, and was an amazing opportunity for the entire team to see how the design decisions are affecting the player experience.

The board of judges made up of the professionals in the games industry, have nominated ‘Among The Stones’ and Bluedoor Games to BAFTA Ones To Watch award. The final winner of the award, one out of three nominated teams, will be selected during BAFTA’s award ceremony in April 2017.

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